Learning Resources

I have had a significant amount of help learning programming, Excel, and analysis. I want to share some of the resources I have used for acquiring these skills and keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies in my area of learning.


The following software is all open-source and free to use for a variety of projects. I have used all of them and will continue to do so as they provide great functionality and support for all types of media projects.

Youtube Channels





While these courses are paid for on Udemy, they often have discounts or free courses available. These are courses I have taken that have helped me immensely.



Tutorial Websites

Other Resources

I also want to include websites that keep me up-to-date with new technologies, allow me to ask questions and find answers, and support my efforts in general.

There are many more resources I have used in my journey, however, I have found these to be the most useful and the ones I find myself coming back to for learning.